Digital Baby Grand Piano: Cameron & Sons Model CSM-41D Black Ebony

4,500.00$ 2,750.00$

The CSM-41D is a digital baby grand piano offered by Cameron & Sons. This has highly polished polyester finish which gives this CSM-41D sheer elegance. It is an innovative digital baby grand piano which is equipped with 138 PCM voice, 109 style, and 6 Demo Songs. Furthermore, The CSM-41D has a touch sensitive hammer and keyboard with 88 keys.

This innovative digital baby grand from Cameron & Sons has a classic elegance and glamour with the most advanced digital features. The CSM -41D has a highly polished finish in black ebony for its traditionally designed piano case. It has proportional size and will fit well into any space or room.
This digital piano never requires a tuning. Furthermore, it is equipped with a wide array of rhythms, voices and essential recording features to achieve a variety of musical capabilities. The advanced features of this CSM-41D include a touch sensitive type of hammer style keyboard. This creates authentic grand piano sound which offers a range of tones and style. You can even make use of it accompaniment choices which are readily available to complement any musical genre along with split mixer functions.


Baby Grand Piano

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