Padded Piano Bench: Cameron & Sons CS-11 EBHP Matching Black Ebony

249.95$ 49.95$

The CS-11 EBHP is a padded piano bench model from Cameron & Sons. It has a sturdy iron construction which ensures durability. This piano bench type can definitely match any piano color that you have. The CS-11 is very easy to manage and assemble.

This is one of Cameron & Sons most popular selling seats. The CS-11 is a padded, compact model which can provide comfort during long hours of piano practice and rehearsals. This is a perfect piano bench for teachers, students and piano performers. The CS-11 will perfectly match up with a traditional or digital piano. Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble. You simply affix the legs and you are good to go.
Weight: 15lbs

Piano Bench

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